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We atBellevue Fencing Companyknow that small jobs lead to huge profits. We recognize that not every customer can afford or need a new fence installation, and we make every effort to meet the needs of every prospective customer. If you need a few cedar pickets or a few fence panels, we would treat you as though you were buying an entire iron fence.

We also recognize that some fixes take precedence over others where children or animals are involved, and we fix them as soon as possible to ensure that every single one of our customers is safe and protected to the best of our abilities.

Enable us to send you a free estimate, even though we did not install the original work, whether you need a quick patch or anything more involved.

Fence Repair or Fence Replacement?

If yourfenceis broken or has seen better days, you can weigh your maintenance options before deciding to rebuild it.

Wood Fence Repair

If a section of yourBOB·体育(中国)官网入口 has begun to rust, you may substitute it with the same kind of wood, but the color will not fit if the original fence has weathered. If you have the manpower and spare time, you can do it yourself, or you can hire a contractor to do it.

Chain Link Fence Repair

Chain link fencesare very robust, but they can rust with time. If the rust just affects 10 to 15% of the fencing, it is generally worthwhile to remove and replace the rusted parts. If you want to hire a builder, get their view on the overall integrity of the fence, as well as figures on all maintenance and replacement costs.

Wrought Iron Fence Repair

WroughtBOB·真人 are costly to purchase and build. If your wrought iron fence is rusting, it might be worthwhile to have the rust cleaned and fixed. If you put off the work, things will only get worse, and fixing will become impossible. For fence maintenance or guidance on wrought iron fencing, contact a professional fence contractor.

Vinyl Fence Repair

BOB(中国)手机版 is well-known for its strength and longevity. If the vinyl fence breaks due to an injury, the broken parts will usually be patched without affecting the integrity of the whole fence.

破篱笆将危及保护和detract from the look of your house. We will have timely and competent fence maintenance to help you return your fence to like-new condition, whether you have a loose plank or a leaning fence. Our staff is knowledgeable, competent, and willing to provide clients with a wide variety of fencing requirements.

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